In-House Counsel Recruiting

With a history of successfully placing in-house counsel including general counsel, deputy and associate general counsel, and senior counsel, we understand the importance of providing our corporate clients with the best recommendations for their businesses’ legal hiring needs. We consistently match the most successful and valuable in-house counsel candidates with corporations using our services.

Our In-House Counsel Recruitment Process

Aspire Legal Search Group spends time one-on-one with our clients with the goal of fully understanding their needs, aspirations, expectations and values. With that knowledge in hand, our talented team of recruiters are able to quickly compile a list of optimal candidates, and discreetly determine their level of interest and compatibility in the available position. Our history in the industry frequently puts us in the advantageous position of having interacted with many of the candidates in the past, which helps both parties feel more at ease with the process.

After our thorough research and screening process, all candidates that are deemed to be a good fit and express an interest are further interviewed to determine their worthiness to be presented to our client. Aspire Legal Search Group will put together a presentation including an in-depth overview of the approved candidates’ skills and prior experience, as well as any other information we deem valuable. Other search firms’ goal is to present as many candidates as possible, ours is to present a very short list of exceptional candidates. The end result is that our client chooses between two or three ideal candidates. This process has been extremely effective, and leads our client to feel satisfied that they hired the best person for the job.

Start the Recruiting Process

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