Partner & Practice Group Recruiting

Law Firms in the Market to add Partners and Practice Groups

Law firms who wish to promote dynamic growth through a law firm merger or by acquiring a partner or practice group, can trust that Aspire Legal Search Group has an exceptionally high level of experience and market understanding in this area. Our clients find that we take the time to thoroughly understand their strengths and competitive advantages. Aspire Legal Search Group professionals listen to and if necessary, assist in developing a strategic plan for growth. We advocate for our clients and are often able to bring to the table candidates who otherwise are not on the market. Our search professionals understand our clients’ culture and only present candidates who have a high probability of harmonizing within that culture. Each candidate is presented along with a detailed description of their practice, strengths, points of concern, employment history, motivations, and statistical history. We assist our clients throughout the entire hiring process. Aspire Legal Search Group’s primary motivation is not to complete a placement, but to help our clients conclude a successful long-term hire/acquisition. We feel, more than any other search firm, we are best equipped to give our clients the highest likelihood of success.

Partners Contemplating a Move

Law firm partners have achieved success in their career and as a result, do not contemplate a move lightly. The stakes are high, and it is critical that they work with the right search professional. They must work with someone who knows the market and can explain the nuances of various opportunities. Of paramount importance is working with a search firm that values confidentiality. Aspire Legal Search Group professionals have a thorough understanding of their clients and as such, can explain the strengths, weaknesses, compensation structure, motivations, cross-selling opportunities and culture of various firms across the legal landscape. We eliminate options which offer no synergy and focus on select clients who would take the partner’s practice to a new height. We pride ourselves on offering value in every conversation and not wasting our candidates’ time. Aspire Legal Search Group professionals cherish our candidates’ confidentiality and typically introductions are made only at the highest level within the firm (most often the managing partner).

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