Getting approached by other firms promising better compensation or a more prestigious name? Unsure whether you should seriously consider these opportunities? Attorneys who do not have a clear career plan, who prioritize short-term benefits such as higher salary or prestigious firm name, often find themselves dissatisfied and unfulfilled later. As a legal recruiter, I strongly encourage attorneys to think long-term when making career decisions.

One of the best things you can do for your career is to set clear, long-term goals. Imagine yourself in the future – in 5, 10, or even 20 years. Imagine that you are very happy with how your career has gone. What has happened? The answer will be different for each attorney. Ask yourself, are you practicing at your current firm? Are you a well-known name in your field? Are you less well-known but happy because you are working for a firm or company that provides a great work-life balance and allows you to spend more time with your family? Are you happy because your business development efforts have gone well, or maybe you are content because you have become a “go-to” expert in a specific niche within your practice area?

Once you have a well-defined concept of what career satisfaction looks like for you in the future, you can start making decisions that will pave the way towards achieving it. For instance, if an attorney’s ultimate goal is to develop business, it may not make sense to take a position at a firm that pays well in the short-term but provides little opportunity to expand your client base. Instead, the attorney may want to consider joining a more entrepreneurial firm that encourages business development.

On the other hand, if a law firm partner aspires to become nationally renowned in a particular area of law, it may make more sense to join a more elite firm with a prestigious client base.

If you’re considering a move from a law firm to an in-house position, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid rushing into the first available opportunity. In some cases, lawyers may be so eager to make the switch that they accept the first offer that comes their way. However, they may soon discover that they are not working fewer hours, but in fact, more. Additionally, they may find that their opportunities for career advancement are limited. Often, companies tend to recruit external candidates for higher-level positions rather than promoting from within, which can be a significant obstacle to career growth. Therefore, taking a long-term approach to finding an in-house role and waiting for the right opportunity can put you in a better position for success.

These are just a few examples, but the point is that you should make career decisions with your long-term goals in mind. It’s crucial to remember that a higher salary or a prestigious firm name may be appealing in the short-term, but they may not necessarily lead to long-term career satisfaction and success.

It’s remarkable how frequently I’ve encountered attorneys making choices that bring immediate gains, only to realize later that they’ve landed in a difficult predicament. With some prior planning, such situations could have been avoided.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that finding the right fit is essential for attorneys, not just in terms of practice area but also in terms of culture. It’s vital to take a long-term view when considering career decisions and seek out a firm or position that aligns with your professional goals, aspirations, and provides the necessary resources and opportunities for your success. At Aspire Legal Search Group, we’re committed to supporting lawyers in this journey by helping them establish clear goals and developing effective strategies to achieve them.  If you feel you could benefit from this approach, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our recruiters.


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